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Forward Motion is Inevitable

"It is with those very feelings that I have come to understand so much more about life. Those things in life that you are intended to experience will, indeed, happen. Those things will take their course. You will learn, and grow, no matter what space you occupy, no matter how oblivious you are, even no matter how much you may try to avoid it. Forward motion is inevitable."

It is hard to write. It is harder to write a book. It is the hardest to write a book about your life.

I never set out to be an author, and I never set out to share every part of me. But, alas, here I sit, about a month away from my memoir being sent to print.

I'm not certain as to when I finally decided that I wanted to publish my stories, but I do know that I had to be brave, and I had to believe that what I had to say was important.

It is important to me. And, I am still trying to be brave.

There are strings of stories in my memoir that I have rarely shared. There are full chapters that I had nearly forgotten over the last decade of writing. There are also things that I wish I had forgotten too.

So, no matter the butterflies and jackhammers dancing in my stomach, I know that I am doing something that I was meant to do. These stories all flew out of me rather innately, and I am preparing with being alright when anyone in the world is able to be a part of my stories too.

It is important. I am brave.

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