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The Spring in the Thing**

When the sun wakes early and stays up late,

The tulips stretch their leaves and wait.

Sometimes the sky will darken that sun,

Rain falls on the tulips, each and every one.

Springtime has come to the playground today,

And, it’s truly the best time for ALL kids to play!

Children are laughing, running, and free.

But somehow, they all forgot about me.

See that pony? Well, I am the spring.

I make it possible to move and bounce in that thing.

I am the spring, the spring in the thing.

So, hop aboard and take a ride,

That pony will even rock side to side!

I make children giggle; parents cheer at it.


can you believe I get none of the credit?

I am the spring, the spring in the thing.

** I wrote this piece for two reasons: 1) to practice for completing my own children's book homage to my memoir, and 2) to enter a really fun Spring Fling Kidlit Contest! Wish me luck:)

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