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Those Things You Don't Know About Publishing A Book

It was one thing to write and finalize my book to go to print, but it was entirely another whole beast preparing to release it into the world.

You may or may not know that Amazon is the king when it comes to publishing and selling books. Since I am self-publishing, I will be using this platform solely at this time. Using Amazon is definitely the way to go due to its worldwide accessibility and ease, yet there are some crazy things that I've learned along the way. I'd like to share those with you in the hopes that you will be able to help authors everywhere in getting their books the praise they deserve.

First off, the number one way you can help an author, like myself, is to LEAVE A REVIEW. A brief, "it was okay-ish!" is better than nothing at all. Amazon will actually start displaying books in their search categories that have X number of reviews. But, it is also a review from a "verified purchase" that takes the most weight. A 5-star review from someone that is not a verified purchaser will only receive something like 4.75-star rating. Interesting, right?!

My book should be available for pre-purchase in just a couple of weeks-- during this time, it is crucial to get as many people that are planning on buying my book to actually hit that BUY NOW button. This is because all of the books that sell under pre-order status will work towards my first week of release. The more books I sell during this time, the more likely I will be at gaining one of those highly-coveted "best-seller" slots. People, that is like an author's pot of piled-high, glittering gold!

I have a good number of amazing people in my life that have donated money in the last two years to help me see this project though, and I want to certainly uphold my end of the bargain by sending you a book. Unfortunately, GoFundMe no longer allows me access to any personal information for the donors-- so I will do my best to get in touch with those people so I know where to send their copies! Please help me if you can.

The final, and most exhausting portion of this self-publishing journey, has been the social media and marketing schtick. This is my least favorite part, due to the fact that it is not something that comes naturally to me, nor do I love soliciting my words to the world. Thank you for being patient with incessant posts and similar typos, ha!

If you would like to help me out in any way, you can: just tell one person about my book waiting in line at the grocery store, or let one person borrow your copy or request it in your library, or simply share my website and name. Any little bit helps.

When I first set out on this journey I wasn't really clear on my goal. I didn't really know if I wanted people to read it. I wasn't certain if the book was just for me or for others as well. But, now-- now after so many years of sifting words, reliving memories, and tiring my mind with my own stories-- I am ready. I am ready to reach as many people as I can with my words.

My hope is that this is only the beginning.

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